Felipe Martínez

About | Felipe Martínez, Digital Colorist

Colorist and DaVinci Resolve Trainer.



I enjoy taking pictures. I'm a Fujifilm Fan.
I started a "film poetry" project which is quiet famous.
Sometimes I made films in bonito día films.
Flight miles are my measure of time.


Landed in color grading after attending a digital cinematography workshop at International Film an TV School in Cuba, EICTV. I served as post production supervisor for the Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival (2011 to 2014) and I’ve worked as a freelance colorist with brands like IBERIA, Inter-American Development Bank, Whirlpool and about fifty short films from Colombia, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Cuba, Belgium, France and United States. These projects have enabled me to develop highly skills working remotely which led me to found a post-production boutique We Make Color, WEMCO™ (wemakecolor.co).

As a colorist my job is to achieve the mood that the director are dreaming for the movie. From balancing it shot to shot to the mastering and delivery for the screening. Doesn't matter the genre, the time or the style of the film. My main goal is to arouse emotions altering the color of images to better tell a story, fix mistakes -we fix it in post- and being as much closer than possible to each project giving the best of my ability to guide my clients trough the wonderful way of color. My home base is between Colombia and Mexico, but I work with people from all over the world.

If you have a project ready for color,  if you want to invite me to drink a beer or just want to say "hello" jump over my contact page and leave me a message. I'll write you back as soon as possible.